Our History

June 16, 2015


The Ministry started as simple Evangelistic Ministry in the Eastern province of Pangasinan in the year 1984
By the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ and the anointing of the Spirit of God, a man (Emil Ualat), ordained by God as an Evangelist for the nation Philippines obeyed the call to evangelize the country, started in Region 1, Pangasinan. With the Gospel of Salvation, Healing, and Deliverance, with his wife and two young daughters. This mission of God happened to a man, just been sent back by God to his own country and turn his back from his good telecommunication job in Saudi Arabia.
This calling is a result of an extraordinary experience-the Baptism in the Holy Ghost and deeper knowledge of the Bible, most particularly, the Principles of the Doctrines of Christ.


In March 16, 1984, his wife invited all his relatives and friends in Pangasinan to join them in celebrating his eldest daughter’s birthday and also his homecoming from Saudi Arabia . There was seemingly a festivity of foods and drinks that started as early as noontime and finished at around 9:30 in the evening. The climax of the party was a bold preaching of the Gospel stressing the importance of Eternal Life by accepting and confessing Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of all men.
There were a handful of relatives who strayed late that day, and they were the people who witnessed the preaching of a man whom they have never known as a preacher, but a government employee for more than 10 years. That night , these people suddenly have forgotten the past, and their awakening, found themselves, sobbing in tears because of God’s convicting power and realized their need of a Savior.
Praise the Lord, They repeated and accepted the New Life that God is offering to the world. And the ministry of God’s reconciliation to the Filipinos started that night. A man with a mission, God was introduced in Binalonan, Pangasinan.

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